Terms and conditions

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A) OBLIGATIONS OF THE LESSEE AND THE PARTICIPANTS: The lessee and the participants are obliged to inform the captain before boarding of any health problems, allergies to medicines and foods, mobility problems or other peculiarities or if they do not have the ability to swim. The lessee and the participants are obliged to accept any decision that the captain deems appropriate for their safety, to keep the positions in which they have been placed on board and to wear their life jackets. The lessee and the participants expressly undertake not to engage in any kind of trade, not to carry weapons, explosives and narcotic substances, not even for personal use. In the event that the lessee or a participant violates the applicable laws or regulations, this entails legal sanctions against him/her up to and including his/her arrest and is therefore obliged to compensate the lessor.  for any losses, damages or charges. These incidents are considered capable of being considered by the lessor to be  sufficient reason for the cancellation of the signed agreement and for the immediate disembarkation of the participating person responsible. The lessee and the participants are obliged to board with small, soft luggage that can be folded, so that it can be easily stored. The luggage should be small and contain the necessary. Each participant has the  sole responsibility for his/her personal belongings and in case of theft or loss or damage he/she is liable. The lessee and the participants shall be liable for any damage to the vessel and to the objects in it, intentionally or negligently or contrary to the instructions of the captain. Smoking and the consumption of food and beverages is not allowed. Smokers should take the necessary precautions to avoid damage to the vessel.

B) DAMAGES or mechanical issues: In case of unexpected damages or mechanical issues that require immediate repair of the vessel, the lessee and the participants will not be able to claim a refund, but it is at the discretion of the Boat owner company, depending on the time that the damage occurred and the remaining time of the cruise, to repeat the cruise on another available day and time.

C) CANCELLATION BY THE LESSEE: In case of cancellation by the charterer, he/she must immediately inform the lessor in writing by communicating the details of the reservation with a basic cancellation cost of 10% of the amount deposited as a reservation cost. In case the cancellation is notified from 60-45 days from boarding then 20% of the amount deposited as the cost of booking will be kept. In case the cancellation is notified from 44-30 days from boarding then 50% of the amount deposited as the cost of booking will be kept. In case the cancellation is notified from 29-15 days from boarding then 70% of the amount deposited as the cost of booking will be kept. For reservations that are cancelled in a shorter period of time than 14 days prior to boarding, the total amount deposited as the cost of booking will be kept. In case of change of dates of the cruise, it may be done free of charge, based on the availability of the vessel.

D) Obligations of the LESSOR: The LESSOR undertakes to make the boat available to the lessee on the date of boarding and then to agree to deliver it in perfect operating condition and in order, in excellent navigational condition, clean in good condition and ready for use, with all the necessary by law safety equipment, equipped (as above agreed) with a captain who performs navigation and operation functions. It will be the latter's duty to ensure that each participant maintains proper behavior for the smooth operation of the cruise and complies with the applicable rules.

E) The LESSOR does not provide any guarantee regarding the use and comforts of the vessel in case of bad weather for navigation in the sections within the selected navigation area. The captain, however, accepts that he will make efforts to navigate the vessel by navigating to safe ports and anchorages within the limits of the agreed route. The cruise program may vary based on the discretion of the captain and depending on the weather conditions as well as other necessary navigation and mooring techniques. The captain may take any decision he deems appropriate to ensure the safety of the tour and may change the time and the way he will approach the intended destinations which would be difficult to achieve, would be impossible or it would not be available. The lessee and participants cannot seek compensation for any damages or inconvenience that may be caused by the situations and reasons described above. The lessee and participants are fully aware of the risks that a boat cruise can entail. In the event of an accident, through no fault of the captain, the injured person will not be able to claim compensation and it would therefore be advisable to take out personal insurance in the event of an accident.

G) CANCELLATION BY THE LESSOR: In case of cancellation by the LESSOR for reasons of force majeure, personal nature, urgent health reasons, etc. he must immediately inform the lessee, who will have the right to choose one of the following options: i) provided that the next scheduled charter of the boat allows it and the LESSOR agrees, the charter period may be extended for the same period of time that the trip/tour/cruise was delayed, ii) to stay the agreed date and time of expiry of the lease indicated in the lease certificate,  without change, and the LESSOR to return to the lessee the amount corresponding to the hours of delay, in the proportion corresponding to the total amount of the lease, iii) if the delay in delivery exceeds 1/4 of the total time of the lease, the lease will be cancelled and the entire amount paid for this lease will be returned to the lessee. In any of the options mentioned in this article, the lessee shall not be entitled to seek compensation for loss or damage resulting from the cut or cancellation of the lease.

JURISDICTION: For those matters not covered herein, reference is made to the applicable laws and regulations. In the event of any possible disagreement, the Courts of Thessaloniki shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: The information provided in this agreement is processed by the LESSOR exclusively for rental purposes and for accounting purposes, in full compliance with the Privacy Code and the applicable Regulations.

The signing of this contract constitutes a consent on the part of the charterer and in the name and on behalf of all participants represented by him, stating that he is fully aware of his rights and obligations, as defined above and in particular declares responsibly that he was informed and accepts the terms and policy of the company NAYSIPLOIA MON I.K.E. (NAVIGATUS SMPC),  who are part of this Agreement, and declares that after having been informed of the telecommunications equipment, the life-saving equipment, he has checked all the areas of the boat, which he inspected and which are of his choice and in accordance with the applicable legislation, has received his legal documents and expressly consents and accepts the conclusion of this Agreement.